3D Printing with My Block, My Hood, My City

This weekend, we welcomed teens from the west side of Chicago to participate in an Intro to 3D Printing Class.

Jahmal Cole with My Block, My  Hood, My City at Edgewater Workbench in Chicago for a 3D printing class for under served teenagers.

The group came as part of a neighborhood exploration trip with My Block, My Hood, My City. MBMHMC introduces Chicagoans to places in the city they have never seen or experienced. Led by Chatham-based community activist Jahmal Cole, MBMHMC aims to take teenagers outside their comfort zones so they can see what Chicago has to offer, to experience a different perspective that will awaken ownership and pride in them.

If you are interested in arranging a special class for your community organization or business, email us at info@edgewaterworkbench.com.