Edgewater Chamber of Commerce Laser Cut Stencils

The Edgewater Chamber of Commerce is getting ready for their big annual street festival, EdgeFest. They were looking for ways to highlight local vendors at the festival, and asked us to create a large stencil they could use to make a spray chalk logo in front of Edgewater businesses' tents on the street. They also asked for a smaller stencil to use for other branding purposes.

Laser cut stencils fabricated by Edgewater Workbench on the northside of Chicago

The Chamber sent us a vector file of their logo, we made a few quick changes to make it stencil-friendly, and sent to the laser cutter!

Here's a photo of their first test spray in front of the Chamber's office. We can't wait to see it in action at EdgeFest next weekend!

Laser cut stencil fabricated by Edgewater Workbench in northside Chicago