How We Did It: Laser Etching Glass Jars

When we bought our laser cutter, we were excited by the idea of creating decorations and gifts for special events and celebrations. Recently, we got our first wedding order: etching over 50 glass jars for a wedding reception!

Glass jars to be etched with laser cutter at Edgewater Workbench in Chicago.

This project was a great learning opportunity for us, and our clients were pleased with the results.

One of the biggest hurdles completing the order was that our laser cuts straight down, and the cutting surface was round. To avoid distortion, we needed to rotate the jars incrementally throughout the etching process.

We broke the text into sections with a width that the laser could etch clearly. In the example pictured, the red rectangles are for registering the height and alignment of each etched section.

Taking the measurements from the start of each registration point, we were able to create a ruler that let us know the rotation required in between each etch. Then a small jig was laser cut to cradle and rotate the jars.

Three hundred passes with the laser cutter later, and all the jars were done!

Etched glass jars using a laser cutter at Edgewater Workbench for a wedding