Edgewater Workbench provides custom fabrication using 3D printing, laser cutting, and other techniques. We specialize in: Small Business Solutions, Awards & Plaques, Small-Run Fabrication, Film/TV /Theatre Props & Wardrobe, and Special Events & Weddings. See below for more details. Please email us at info@edgewaterworkbench.com for a project quote.


We have worked on a number of fun projects for local businesses, including magnetic-backed name tags, custom interior signage, and custom fondant cutters for bakeries. We offer a competitive price on small runs of custom solutions for your business. 

"I have relied on Stu's 3D printing skills for the sugar work I do at my bakery. He has created super-functional, durable cutters for me every time, even on the fly. Fast, friendly, and consistent is what you get here."
- Michele McAtee - Owner, Maddiebird Bakery


We create beautiful layered wooden plaques and awards that are cost-effective and unique. We will work with you to create a design that incorporates your brand and makes the most of lasercutting and etching. Add a warm touch to your next event, send a special thank you to your top clients during the holidays, or commemorate a loved one with one of our custom plaques.

"The team at Edgewater Workbench is innovative, helpful, and responsive. They used a unique medium to create one-of-kind award plaques that many of our winners are still in awe of months after receiving. Ally and Stu were extraordinarily patient, receptive to feedback, and so easy to work with from start to finish and we couldn't have asked for a better experience."
- Bryan Biello - Marketing Manager, Lincoln Park Chamber of Commerce


We work with local entrepreneurs to kick-start new ventures! If you need help fabricating prototypes, doing small-runs to test a new idea, or want to order a customized version of your product, we can help!

Our specialty is fabrication, not product design. Once you have a file that is ready for production, we'll be happy to help 3D print or lasercut your designs.


Let us help you take your next production to the next level. We have experience working with film and TV prop shops, assisting with intricate fabrication for costumes on big stages, working with Chicago theatre companies, and producing animation maquettes. 

"Working with Edgewater Workbench has been absolutely integral for creating a wide variety of projects we make at Halsey Onstage, our Chicago costume shop. They assist us with custom laser-cutting and 3D printing to ensure that we are creating the best products possible for our clients. It is a pleasure to work with Stuart, who is very professional and always meets our deadlines. Our creative horizons have broadened knowing that we can trust Edgewater Workbench to help us create anything we can imagine— they have helped us create work that has been seen all over the world in ballet, theater, and pop superstar performances!"
-Rachel Coyle & Travis Halsey - Owners, Halsey Onstage


See something cool on Pinterest that you need for your big day? We can probably help you. We are especially good at intricate invitation jackets, silhouette cake toppers, and custom illuminated centerpieces.

For more information, email us at info@edgewaterworkbench.com to see if we can help you with your project. No walk-ins, please.