We provide 3D printing and laser cutting services by appointment only. Please email appropriate files (see below) to info@edgewaterworkbench.com for a time and cost estimate for your project. No walk-ins, please.


Let us help bring your ideas and designs to life! We have a fleet of FDM printers and a wide range of colors of PLA filament.

Email your file (.stl or .obj) to info@edgewaterworkbench.com, including desired specs of print. We will respond within one business day with a time and cost estimate. Most jobs have a 3 - 5 day lead time. No walk-ins, please.


$15 minimum; rates vary by project


Our laser cutter can cut and etch paper, wood, fabric, and plastic up to 1/4" thick. We have a 90W CO2 laser with a 24" x 18" bed size. For best results, please fit design into 24" x 12" artboard. Click here to see guidelines for setting up your file for the laser cutter.

Email info@edgewaterworkbench.com with specifics about your project and we'll get back to you with a time and cost estimate. Most jobs have a 12 - 15 day lead time, depending on the scale of the project. No walk-ins, please.


$20 minimum; rates vary by project


Have an idea but don't know how to see it through? We can help!


  • Graphic design - starting at $50/hour

  • 3D (CAD) Design - Starting at $75/hour

Email us at info@edgewaterworkbench.com with design inquiries and we'll help make your idea come to life!